1/4" Fiberglass Ground Rod for Sillosocks Flyers

Fiberglass Rod for flyers and Flags
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1/4" Fiberglass Ground Rods

by Sillosock Decoys

These 3' 1/4" diameter fiberglass rods are perfect for getting Flapping flying decoys up high above the spread. Choice of 1 piece 3' rod or 2 piece w/coupler.  

Make 3, 6 or 9 foot fiberglass rods.  Add a Flyer bracket on the taller poles.   The bracket will keep the flyer level as the pole bends.


Made for the Sillosocks Flyers.  Specially molded in a  Corn/Wheat Color to blend in and dissappear.

Additional Couplers sold separately.... Available for .50ea.

Attention International Buyers:  2 piece rods are the most economical way to ship.






SS1111FS3 Two piece 3 ft 1/4" Fiberglass Rod w/coupler
Two piece 3' Rod with coupler
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ˆ2.21 (EUR)
SS7654C 1/4" Attachment Couplers

Use these 1/4"  couplers to make 6', 9', 12' poles for the Sillosock flyers.

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ˆ0.41 (EUR)