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Destination X - Volume V DVD by Zink Calls

Total Experience
Manufacturer: Zink Calls

Destination X - Volume V DVD

"Total Experience"

by Zink Calls

Volume 5 of Destination X was named Total Experience for one reason: in this DVD, you have it All!

Team DX traveled across Canada and USA to showcase some of the best destinations to hunt and film Canada geese, Puddle ducks, Sea ducks and Diver duck action!

See how they pursue Goldeneyes from a duckboat and from their unique sink-box design. They also teamed up with Fred Zink at Zink Calls in Michigan for a Traditional layout boat hunt for Bluebills.

Witness ice-breaking action featuring a late December hardcore Oldsquaw hunt on Lake Ontario. For a never before seen DVD experience, DX Vol. other DVD like it!

AV Destination X Volume V DVD by Zink Calls will gett you excited to get out there.