Finisher Gun Sling By Avery Outdoors

KW1 Camo,Marsh Grass, or Buck Brush
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 Finisher Gun Sling 

(AV57905) in Buck Brush

(AV57906) in Marsh Grass

(AV57909) in KW-1 Camo

By Avery Outdoors GHG

This Finisher Gun Sling KW-1 (AV57909), Marsh Grass (AV57906) or (AV57905) Buck Brush By Avery Outdoors is a great accessory for any gun. Finisher slings have a wide construction and ABT cushions for extra comfort.


  • 7mm neoprene body
  • 6 ABT air cushions
  • Tough DuraStretch face
  • Rubberized backing for traction
  • Uncle Mike's locking steel swivels
  • Heavy-duty webbing
  • Thumb loop
  • Adjusts to 48 Inch total length

Finisher slings are a favorite with those hunters looking for a wider strap.

This Finisher Gun Sling KW-1 (AV57909), Marsh Grass (AV57906)or Buck Brush (AV57905) By Avery Outdoors will help you pack your gun around safely!

AV57905 Finsher Gun Sling Buck/Brush
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AV57906 Finsher Gun Sling Marsh Grass
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AV57909 Finisher Gun Sling KW1
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