Insulated Soft-Sided Gear Bag by Sillosock Decoys

**SALE** Normally $45, Now $29.95ea!!
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Insulated Soft-Sided Gear Bag

 in Prairiehide Camo


by Sillosock Decoys

This NEW Insulated Soft-Sided Gear bag by Sillosock Decoys provides great protection for your camera, shells, calls, snacks, and other waterfowling gear. 

This Prairiehide camo field  bag blends well while you are out hunting. The insulation protects from cold, heat, or rough handling.

Approx. dimensions are 16"x10"x11"

It can hold 16 bottles of Gatorade's(20 ounce) and one 8 pound bag of ice.

Or It will easily will hold a case of beer or pop!

NOTE: Put you pop/beer inside a tall kitchen bag too make it waterproof.

This is a cool bag to store all kinds of stuff!

Prairiehide Camo Gear Bag
**SALE** Normally $45, Now $29.95ea!!
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