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Band Hunters Vol 6 Eyes To The Sky DVD by Zink Calls

Manufacturer: Zink Calls

Band Hunters - Volume 6 DVD

"Eyes to the Sky"

by Zink Calls

A 24-7 Production

This Band Hunters Vol 6 "Eyes to the Sky" DVD by Zink Calls is a must have for any waterfowler.

“EYES TO THE SKY” is simply a look back at an incredible season of mallards dropping from the heavens into Arkansas timber, hiking through sub-zero temperatures in Wisconsin looking for open water on the river, setting up on a favorite duck pond in Kansas and Oklahoma, then head out west for late season honkers. This adventure has it all.

Join Zink’s team from around the United States, including the Fowl Fanatics, Locked Up, Marsh Outdoors, and the Boyz of Fall as they pursue the best passion around, waterfowl!

This Band Hunters Vol 6 Eyes to the Sky DVD by Zink Calls will get your blood pumping to get out there!

Check it out!

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