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Band Hunters II "The Breaking Point" DVD by Zink Calls

"The Breaking Point" DVD
Manufacturer: Zink Calls

Band Hunters II DVD

"The Breaking Point"

by Zink Calls

A 24-7 Production

This Band Hunters II "The Breaking Point" DVD by Zink Calls is a must have for any waterfowler.

Freddie Zink and crew have come out swinging in this second installment of their popular Band Hunters DVD series. Greenheads, Canadas, Lessers, Specks It's all here, and all in the knockdown style you've come to expect from the Z-Unit.

From early Canadas in Ontario with professional waterfowler, Chad Belding, to muddy fields in Kansas with Zink Staffers Kenny Thompson and Rhett Riddle- This outdoor extravaganza goes the distance. Quebec's Team Destination X, and Kansas native, Zach White, jump onboard, and help the Zink Crew put birds on the ground with a devastating one-two punch.

You think you've seen it all? Like a black-gloved fist in a dark alley, you never saw this one coming. And Zink makes sure it's Lights Out!

This Band Hunters II "The Breaking Point" DVD by Zink Calls will get your blood pumping to get out there!

Check it out!

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