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Band Hunters DVD Vol 3 "The Perfect Storm" by Zink Calls

Volume 3 "The Perfect Storm" DVD
Manufacturer: Zink Calls

Band Hunters DVD

Volume 3

"The Perfect Storm"

by Zink Calls

A 24-7 Production

Fred Zink and The BandHunters of Avian-X are at it again, and this time, they show swarms of Buckeye mallards and wood ducks, Kansas honkers, and Sooner State greenheads and pintails absolutely no mercy. Snow, rain, wind, bitter cold, a mechanical meltdown in Kansas - obstacles for ordinary waterfowlers, but The BandHunters are anything but ordinary!

Come along with the Avian-X Team as they combine forces with Zach White of Prairie Thunder Outfitters for some once-in-a-lifetime honker shoots. Watch as Zink Pro-Staffer, Kenny Thompson, and hunting partner, Travis See, of PatternMaster Chokes put the smackdown on Kansas greenheads. Then it's mallard mayhem and lesser canada chaos in Oklahoma, as the Fowl Fanatics and the men of Zink Calls pile 'em up.

The BandHunters 3 is an adrenaline-laced ride meant specifically for the hardcore waterfowl junkie. So strap yourself in, boys! It's about to get downright wild!

This Band Hunters "The Perfect Storm" DVD by Zink Calls will get your blood pumping to get out there!

Check it out!

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