Zipper Braid DIY Lanyard (AV99961) by Avery Outdoors

Olive and tan color
products.manufacturer: Avery GreenHead Gear

Zipper Braid DIY Lanyard


by Avery Outdoors GHG

Now here's a novel idea! Add or remove your different calls as you need them by simply attaching new loops to the lanyard.  This Zipper Braid DIY Lanyard (AV99961) by Avery Outdoors is  braided with heavy-duty nylon paracord for a lifetime of hunting. Each lanyard comes standard with two paracord sliding loops braided into it.

This "do-it-yourself" kit includes two single loop attachments; one double loop attachment and one whistle attachment with stainless steel snap hook connectors so you can attach them exactly where you want them and only when you need them. 

The Zipper Braid Lanyard comes in olive and tan color (AV99961).