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Speck Silhouette Decoys by Big Al's Decoys

**SALE** Normally $80/dz. Now $65.95/dz!!!


Speck Goose Silhouette Decoys

1dz Pack

  By Big Al's Decoys

These Silhouette Speck Decoys are about 20" long depending on the pose.    Printed on extra thick fluted plastic material with outdoor grade inks and ultra matte overprint for many years of usage.

The stakes are a special "H" Stake that goes into the hard ground easily and keeps the decoy from spinning.

Each kit contains one dozen (12) Decoys: 6-Feeders, 2-Chest Facing, 2-Searchers, 2-Active, 12-"H" Stakes

They are an excellent decoy to mix in with Sillosocks.    Face them perpendicular to the wind.   This greatly helps the look of your rig as geese approach from downwind.