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2 Arm Tornado Rotary Machine (SS1258) by Sillosocks Decoys

Includes New Frozen Ground Base system!
$228.90 (USD)

***SALE***Hammer Machine (SS4502) by Sillosocks Decoys

This machine will move Sillosocks Flyers from the ground up to 13' tall.
$124.95 (USD)

***SALE***Son of Stalker (SS1430) by Sillosocks Decoys

BEST PRICES OF THE YEAR! This unit moves SS Flyers horizontally from side to side.
$99.95 (USD)

**FREE SHIPPING** Economy Snow Goose Decoys by Sillosock Decoys

**SALE-FREE SHIPPING** Choose 1 dz, the 50 pack,10dz....or the NEW ECONO SENTRY or Headless Models
From $37.95 (USD)
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