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Used Grass mats for 4 months allmost every weekend
I got 8 sheets of grass from this website and was very impressed with how quickly my order was processed and shipped. I only ended up using 4 sheets this year and left the other 4 in the packaging in case I decided I needed more, Within the first month of using them (always very careful with the product) 2 of the sheets started to come apart from the string that holds the top together. By the end of the duck hunting season (today) 2 of the sheets I used all season are in excellent condition where as the other 2 are barley held together, The grass just fell apart at the seams. I use these sheets to drape over my boat so they were all used equally and all put in different positions that changed every weekend depending on where I needed them. I was very impressed with this company however I would not recommend this product.
reviews.from: alaskageoboy | 1/26/2014 12:30 PM
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